Language of Daily Life

People read each other’s letters, their daily newspaper or the latest paperback in the language of daily life. Why should they not have God’s Word available to them in a language they can understand and respond to?

Eugene H. Glassman
The Translation Debate, 1981, page 117

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2 Comments on “Language of Daily Life”

  1. Mary Padgett Says:

    Yes, I would like a bible that is written in every day language and easy to understand in common simple words for the layman. I want to study and have an instant learing experience and not need to look up all the flowery words used by the over educated. When words are written in a simple manner I am more motivated to continue with my study vs getting discouraged with all the looking up complicated words that I cannot pronounce. It is easier to repeat what I have learned if it is written in its simplicity so as to teach others who also learn in simple words.
    thanks. MP


    • sandres2k8 Says:


      Thanks for your post, and welcome to the blog. We are working on such a Bible. It is a very important project.



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