Meaning of Words

If we fail to study the meaning of the words of Scripture, then we will be in very serious danger of making Scripture mean what we want it to mean, and not what God wants it to mean.

William Barclay (1907-1978)
Daily Celebration, page 21

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2 Comments on “Meaning of Words”

  1. Tom Ferguson Says:

    I must use this oportunity of subject to recomend again the great linguist and scholar E. W. Bullinger. Here we see a man who has devoted the better part of his lifetime to the singular vision of attempting to help others understand the Word and the Words of God. ALL of his literary works are highly edifying and are highly recomended. But for the one who hungers to understand what the Bible really ‘SAYS’ his Critical Lexicon of the New Testement, Figures of Speach, and How to Enjoy the Bible are an absolute joy.


  2. sandres2k8 Says:

    So true. You can see all Bullinger’s books, including his latest reprint “The Works of E. W. Bullinger, Vol. 1” at


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